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Blast Ignite Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

These are my musical tattoos.


This page was originally conceived as a year-long project - release a track every Monday & Friday of 2012.

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Track Name: (This Used to Be Called) Penns' Woods
Billy, oh Billy
Is this what you expected?
All the giants were erected behind you
All the green can't be seen from where you stand
Do you know what you are holding in your hand?

Really, poor Billy
This is not what you expected
All your plans, they were rejected
Since you've gone
Such a long time ago
And where we go from here just isn't clear

This used to be called Penns' Woods (x2)

Billy, oh Billy
Your woods has been infected
All the antidotes rejected
The sickness that you feel is really real
And not a doctor in this town can help you now

Philly's own Billy
Will not be resurrected
In his image is reflected
The idea of a dream turned to scheme
His woods turned into services and goods

This used to be called Penns' Woods (x2)

(the following verse didn't make it the recorded version. RIP Occupy Philadelphia)

Billy, oh Billy
The banks they were protected
So the citizens collected
Outside the walls of City Hall in the Fall
They didn't have much but they tried to give their all
Track Name: Theme for a Nightowl
Started screamin’ your lungs out
The moment you come out
Didn’t sleep all that night,
We didn’t put up a fight
We just laid in the bed
And covered our heads
And hoped it would stop
Or someone might call the cops
And then it finally ceased
After a couple of weeks
Then it started again
When you were left with a friend
Who just pulled up a chair
And sat there and stared
And there he did keep until you went to sleep

Now you’re in your own bed
And it’s just like I said
You wanna stay up late,
You don’t appreciate
That your parents need time,
You know to kinda unwind
Before the next day
When you’ll just want to play
So just give it a rest
Because it’s time to get dressed
Into your night clothes,
I’ll read the books that you chose
And sing you a song
And you know before long
Your eyes will just close and then you’ll start to doze